ART Studio

Students learn various elements, techniques of art using various art media. Students learn to see and fee. They learn to express what they see and their feelings through art. We focus on the development of the feeling of beauty and spatial thinking.

Art 02, Art 03 (ages 4-6). Students are introduced to fundamental elements and techniques: shape, colors, mixing colors, lines, composition. They learn to use watercolors and guache. Modeling with clay is applied to develop a sense of shape, form and size.

Art 04 - Art 10 (ages 7+). Students further develop their skills in seeing, feeling and expressing. They learn advanced elements of shape, form, color, mixing color, composition, shade, proportion. They learn to draw nature, architecture, animals, people, still life.

Depending on the students enrolled, art classes may be conducted in English and in Russian (when all students understand Russian).

We organize regular exhibits of our students' art work at local libraries, children's spectaculars and other venues.

We recommend that each student has his/her own set of art materials and supplies and brings it to every lesson.

To view the list of materials and supplies, please click here.


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