"Mathematics is a science, a language, an art, a way of thinking. Appearing in nature, art, music, architecture, history, science, literature - its influence is present in every facet of the universe."

From The Joy of Mathematics by Theoni Pappas


The key objectives of our math program are to:

- stimulate students' interest in math
- improve students' results on standardized tests
- develop their logical, analytical and creative skills
- enhance students' math skills through advanced math concepts

To meet these objectives we have created an approach to our math program that builds on three levels of development:

1. Develop essential knowledge and skills necessary for a given grade level to successfully pass standardized tests and exams.

2. Develop and enhance understanding of some of the advanced math concepts (applicable for a given grade level).

3. Develop and advance thinking, logical, analytical and creative skills by solving creative math problems and competition type problems, and by playing games.

Problems and exercises to meet objectives of levels 1 and 3 are given every lesson. The scope of problems for level 2 and 3 depends on students' grasp of math fundamentals of level 1.

Classes are formed based on the students' grade and skills.

Every year we sponsor 4 of our students in grades 6-8 to participate in MathCounts competition conducted by a nationally accredited MathCounts organization. We practice solving MathCounts problems through out the school year.

All of our programs have been developed and continuously updated by Evrika Learning Center, our teachers and associates.

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If you don't find a class that meets your child's interests and needs, please e-mail us at or call us at 203.975.1134.

Please e-mail at or call us at 203.975.1134 if you have any questions or would like more information.

Thank you for your interest in our program!

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