The Lemonade Game

our fist business game for children

In this program, children will start and run a lemonade stand. They will:

- learn key concepts of sources and uses of money in business (and naturally will have a better understanding and appreciation of household money too).
- learn where financial information "resides", how it gets there, and what key definitions mean.
- apply math skills.
- be introduced to the basic business concepts.
- make decisions and see how different decisions produce different results.
- learn to discuss ideas with virtual teammates.
- have an opportunity to be innovative and creative.

Depth, challenge level and concepts change/grow in each level of the game. Activities will be individual and in virtual teams.

Level 1 - for children in 3rd grade and up.

Level 2 - for children in 4th grade and up who have completed Level 1.

Each level includes weekly virtual challenges/lessons that can be reviewed and completed at each participant's convenient time and pace during a week. Each challenge includes a home assignment to be completed per instructions. A final lesson may be held live with all participants online at the same time (time and day to be coordinated and confirmed).

Level 1, 5 weeks starting the week of August 15. Cost $80

Level 2, 5 weeks starting the week of August 15. Cost $80

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The program was designed, developed and lead by Evrika's own Director, Anna Samorukova. Anna has taught business finance and business acumen via games and business simulations for over 15 years for major corporations in the US and globally (Singapore, Malaysia, India, Mexico, UK, Spain). She also worked on the financial models for these simulations and designed virtual and in-residence programs.

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